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SAMADHAN is committed to value addition in the life of the rural-India, the value addition that prioritizes the frontier areas of national interest. The foundation aspires to create a self-reliant and vibrant society.


The SAMADHAN foundation aligns all its activities with national interest and seeks:

  • To provide the solution/platform in the field of education based on new education policy(NEP) and skill development.

  • To help the families/people in their small legacy-based family-owned businesses with the necessary skill development considering fast-growing technologies.

  • To outreach the needy people and empower them with valuable guidance, technological awareness, and cultural values.

  • SAMADHAN also works to facilitate the sustainable healthcare solutions and healthcare facilities in the rural-India

  • To keep technology usage at the core of the problem-solution, SAMADHAN offers tech-savvy people and area-experts to use their skills for the social cause and thus helping in nation-building.

Our Focus On


We strive to transform the existing reach of education through experienced based learning. Our goal is to bring the remotest area into the light of education based on New-Education-Policy (NEP).


Our efforts extends in developing a technical and sustainable solution, aiding medical staff and doctors. We also work for bringing healthcare services to the weaker sections of the society.


Our efforts, aims to drive sustainability in the society. We focus on long-term technological solution that facilitate sustainable development, bridging balance beween nature and people around.

Social Transformation

We talk to people, interact with them and identify their problems, and works towards the solutions.


Our motto is to encourgae entrepreneurship and guide people in realising their dreams. We assist people by coherently presenting their problems to the students and teachers in academics.

Indian Cultural Heritage

We aim to promote and preserve Indic cultural-heritage by fostering an environment of creativity, intercultural education, and ultimately preserving the beauty of unity in diversity.